The Queen’s in Town

My friend Tracy emailed me this awesomeness.
I was going to put a caption under each photo,
(these write themselves, people)
but just letting you scroll down is much more effective.
Curious to know at which point you say, “OMG!”

Ok, can’t resist a few notes.
One of her purses seems to have survived from the Nixon administration to the Clinton era…maybe she’s not so different from us commoners after all.
Where’s LBJ?, I asked. Google tells me they never met; why not is the subject of some boring conjecture.
Re the Reagan photo. Either Ronnie thought he was at a Dean Martin roast, or he just couldn’t hide his true feelings about that dress.

5 thoughts on “The Queen’s in Town

  1. apparently being a queen totally trumps being a president… how many has she outlasted so far?? oddly she has a different expression with each one… no comment on reagan. as a side note I get all sorts of thrill by her husband being her 'consort' and not the 'king'….


  2. Fantastic!

    I especially love how she looks with George H. W. Bush and with Richard Nixon. Most of these Presidents knew how to observe protocol and let the lady's quiet beauty shine. A gentleman knows it's not all about “him” grinning like a Cheshire cat.


  3. Really interesting series. Sharp eye on the handbag; The Queen knows how to take care of her stuff. I said OMG when we get to Eisenhower. She has seen it all.


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