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Revise and Edit Your Writing 


6:30 pm – 8:30 pm — Online, from Hurley, New York

When it comes to writing, who needs to revise?

We all do. Revision and editing are the final polishing steps before you submit a manuscript. With both done well, your work will have a better chance to rise above the rest, when it hits the editor or agent’s desk.

But where do you start? How do you decide what to rewrite, what to cut, what to add?

Kitty walks you through the revision process, a step at a time, bringing confidence and clarity to your writing.

A few skills you’ll gain after your sessions with Kitty:

Quick recognition of the “junk” words in your writing
When and how to add details
Using dialogue to move your story forward
Finding your themes and writing to them
Moving content around to tell a better story

You’ll write and share in class as you work on editing techniques.

When you trim the excess, what will you find? Your voice.

CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED, so don’t wait.

For more information, please contact Kitty. 

Kitty provided varied activities, discussion, and super helpful materials for further reference. She did not waste one minute of our time together. She covered aspects of editing that helped all the writers in the group. Kitty was fun and engaging. I’d work with her again, easily.” ~ One-day intensive attendee Heather M.