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Obituaries: All The Rage!                                                                                                                Write your own (or someone else’s) powerful obituary 

Mini-intensive at Woodstock Bookfest, Friday, March 27, 2020 

You don’t want to leave something like this for cousin Mamie to write, do you? Of course not!

A recent self-written obituary by Ken Fuson, a writer from Iowa, captured the attention of thousands, and was shared around the world.

Fresh off that conversation, we’re offering a half-day workshop led by Kitty Sheehan, a professional obituary writer, in the craft of telling a vivid life story.

She’ll share some tricks of the trade: learn what questions to ask about a person’s legacy, what sets them apart from others, and how they want to be remembered. You’ll take those answers and shape them into a story worthy of you.

Mostly, she’ll make it fun!

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Revise and Edit Your Writing 

TUESDAY NIGHTS — OCT 15, 2019 – DEC 10, 2019

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm — Hurley, New York

When it comes to writing, who needs to revise?

You do. We all do. But where do you start? What are you looking for? How do you decide what to rewrite, what to cut, what to add?

In this four-week class, editor and writer Kitty Sheehan will walk you through the revision process, a step at a time.

Revision and editing are the final polishing steps before you submit a manuscript.

If both are done well, your work will have a much better chance to rise above the rest, when it hits the agent’s desk.

Here are a few skills you’ll gain after your sessions with Kitty:

New confidence and clarity in your writing voice
Quick recognition of the “junk” words in your writing
Knowing how and when to add details
Using dialogue to move your story forward
Writing your dialogue to match your characters
Narrowing down your themes and writing to them
Moving your content around to tell a better story

Kitty will also explain the different kinds of editing your work might undergo, even after you’ve done all the revising you can.

You still may need line editing, copy editing, or developmental editing.

None of these are the same as proofreading. It’s crucial to know the difference.

Come join us and learn how to make your writing instantly better, with some simple revision. Then learn how the proper editing will make it infinitely better.

When you cut out the noise, what will you find? Your voice.

We’ll work on editing techniques AND you’ll be writing and sharing in class.

CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED, so don’t wait.

For more information, please contact Kitty. 


Kitty provided a full workshop of varied activities, discussion, and materials for further reference. She did not waste one minute of our time together.  She cared about the workshop attendees and made sure to include aspects of editing that pertained to all the writers in the group – and the group was engaged with the material. An editing workshop has the potential of being dry and boring (even if it is filled with useful information) but Kitty was anything but dry and boring.
I appreciated her list of junk words and my best take-away from the course was to make sure every sentence works hard for the manuscript, that sentences could be tweaked to give more information.
” ~ One-day intensive attendee Heather Marsten