photo by Franco Vogt

Kitty Sheehan writes, edits, and teaches in New York’s Hudson Valley.

She writes personal essays, memoir, and marketing copy for restaurants, resorts, food brands, writers, shops, and funeral homes. She edits novels and memoirs. 

She co-founded The Healing Obituary, an online master class for individuals who need to write an obituary. She also delivers seminars on obituary writing to funeral home staffs and other interested groups. 

Kitty produced and directed  Man-pleasing Recipes!  in November 2018, and will present it again post-Covid. Listen, as she previews it with Jimmy Buff on New York’s Radio Kingston.

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She was a cast member for two writers’ productions at the Charles Wood Theater in Glens Falls, NY, and a panelist at writing events in Minnesota, Iowa and New York City.  

Kitty serves as editorial director and workshop instructor for the Woodstock Bookfest, an annual event held each spring in Woodstock, NY.

A former Minneapolis elementary teacher, corporate trainer and graphic designer, Kitty is a native Iowan, but when she discovered the Hudson Valley, she found home.

“Kitty’s unique creative style allows her to see a project from different angles, using a wondrous variety of artistic expressions. Her intelligent insight and discerning eye were invaluable to me. She is a great listener and captured precisely what I was looking for.” ~ Tom Mischke, The Mischke Roadshow