Another Visit to the Paper Trail, Rhinebeck, NY

Some readers already know of my love for the Paper Trail, a delightful store in Rhinebeck, NY. Here’s an earlier account of my first visit.

I’ve been long overdue for another look with my camera. One day this summer I dropped by on my way to an afternoon movie. As I was in the store, a torrential rain dropped by too. Since I had my camera, I decided to use the next hour to wander around the store and take photos.

Here’s a bit of what I saw.

IMG 1782

First thing in the door, I’m so delighted to see these cards (How Does Your Garden Grow?) by my friend, the sweet Katie Daisy!

IMG 1783

IMG 1784

IMG 1787

A beautiful assortment of blank journals and notebooks, all sizes, shapes and prices.

IMG 1788

Gifts for your favorite mystic.

IMG 1789

The art of writing is pampered and encouraged here. Books, pens, notebooks and stationery in endless varieties make you want to fill your shopping basket to overflowing, if you’re me.

IMG 1792

Every time I shop for cards, if someone else is there too, one or both of us laughs out loud. This is always a good sign. You’ll find the perfect card here…no matter what you need, I guarantee.

IMG 1799

Some of the baby gifts make me want to take them home. Lucky babies.

IMG 1804

Beautiful French notecards! Each time I look at them, I see something new.

IMG 1808

Need a personalized invitation? Exceptional and unique designs here.

IMG 1809

Time after time when I’m in the store, I play with this perpetual calendar, and picture it on my desk. Think Santa’ll know what I mean if I mention it in my letter this year?

IMG 1811

Mirrors by my friend Fiona! And her Cartolina cards and notebooks too. Her work fits perfectly here.

IMG 1817

IMG 1819

Serine Hastings and Maureen Missner, the owners, have such a combined flawless eye that every grouping looks like something that would fit right in at your house. How gorgeous are these three pillows together?

IMG 1822

In the jewelry case, a subtle nod to Rhinebeck’s equestrian crowd.

IMG 1825

IMG 1828

Just saw an article about stacking rings being the thing this fall. These are lovely.

IMG 1832

To say the least.

IMG 1834

Hmm, if I want to be extra nice to myself, I’ll have my earrings wrapped in this box. Why not?

IMG 1837

IMG 1839

No detail is left to chance. These enchanting evening bags are works of art, just like the selection of luscious fragrances.

IMG 1842

IMG 1848

A charming collage was the perfect antidote to the weather outside. Hope springs eternal.

IMG 1850

IMG 1854

Since I’ve always been a sucker for packaging, Bellocq tea plays right into my hands.

IMG 1855

A scarf, or even better, the perfect bench to bring some color into your life.

IMG 1863

IMG 1865

IMG 1866

Again, the attention to detail creates an irresistible spot, especially on a rainy day. The Linda Filley paper dresses are a signature item at the Paper Trail, as are her brilliant paper shoes.

IMG 1870

IMG 1871

IMG 1868

As if Linda’s paper masterpieces aren’t enough, peruse playful paper collages for every occasion.

IMG 1874

IMG 1875

My introduction to John Derian’s work took place at the Paper Trail. He continues to outdo himself.

IMG 1877

IMG 1879

This simple little vignette took me straight to a cottage by the lake.

IMG 1880

IMG 1881

IMG 1885

I recently came across an article in Yankee magazine about Stephen Huneck, the artist who created this image, which makes me love it even more.

IMG 1886

IMG 1891

Touchable and tempting leather goods.

IMG 1892

IMG 1894

Gorgeous gift wrap to finish off this shopping event — of course.

I feel lucky to have such a wonderful place nearby.

I’ll always be a fan of the handwritten letter and card, and this is where I find so many treasures.

Here’s the Paper Trail’s beautiful website, if you aren’t as close!

4 thoughts on “Another Visit to the Paper Trail, Rhinebeck, NY

  1. Hey Kitty!
    This is the store that we've been wanting to see… thanks so much for the preview! It's a lovely store… great pics. Still need to do that coffee one day. :o)


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