The last seventeen years of my mother’s life were blessed with the miracle of my only child, my daughter. My mom said — repeatedly — she was the best thing in her life. I finally did something right.

Here they are on the first day they met, in December 1988.

Ok, back to me. Just look at my beautiful girl!

So, how did this happen? Same girl, bigger beach. Sky’s the limit.
My mom and my daughter loved hanging out together. They had a mutual admiration society. Mom presented her with her first bike, first rollerblades, first crayons, her lifelong security lamb — and a great deal of her personality.
She’s funny, brilliant, beautiful, talented, creative, sad, happy…a miracle.
Happy Mother’s Day to us.

Sharing the snowy day with Grandma, 1992.

Finally, here’s a perfect summary
of the very complex mother/daughter dance
by my friend, Martha Frankel. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. So sweet… I too have an only daughter and she is the best thing in my life.

    (Getting tired of the posts? I guess I need to get some work done)

    I'll be back!


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