A Visit to GREER Chicago

If you’re anywhere near Chicago’s Old Town area,
get thee to GREER.
If you’re not, it’s OK, I went there for you.
You’re welcome.
Don’t worry, I got you some stuff.
If you’re a regular at my blog,
b) you’ve read about the Paper Trail in upstate NY.
Can a store have a soulmate?
If so, PT’s soulmate is GREER.
The brainchild of one Ms. Chandra Greer,
it’s an exquisitely beautiful paper goods shop.
GREER is the embodiment of Chandra’s own personal style,
grace, wit, creativity, and intuitive eye.
Much like the logo for the shop which she designed,
the store has an elegant yet fanciful feel the minute you arrive.
I’ll stop gushing now and let the pictures tell the story.
Click on any photo to see details.
Oh wait! Now Oprah’s gushing about GREER! Cool.
Sterling silver letters for wedding cakes and such.
Vintage buttons, sequins, and baubles by the jar.
These drawers stopped me in my tracks.
Gorgeous ribbon, sorted
with the most perfect flair.
I could have stared at these all day.
If I were designing a room, I’d use these combinations
for fabric inspiration and ideas.
Here are a few more:

I spotted the deer all around the store.
Like to think of them as GREER deer.
One of the many bursts of colorful notes–
any of these cards would make your message memorable.
Chicago’s roots are honored throughout the store.

As I was admiring this chair,
Chandra showed me what was under the items.
The previous owner of the chair evidently
wanted there to be no mistake about its provenance.

One of my very favorite items unique to GREER.
Envelopes with beautiful unused vintage stamps,
for sending special notes.
Adorable and practical baby items.
The card selection is unsurpassed.
Many unique brands, and cards designed right at GREER.
I loved the storage pieces and fixtures,
such as this antique dental cupboard.

There’s a great selection of clocks
(and calendars too, for when time really drags).

I can’t even tell you what ensued when I spotted this vintage item.
It’s Dorothee Maurer-Becker’s Wall-All from the 70’s.
I had one of these, in a smaller size.
My friend Steph and I bought them together in junior high.
It went with me to college, and maybe beyond.
I’m sad I don’t have it anymore, and seeing this was a blast.
That’s the kind of geek I really am.

I wanted to buy every piece of jewelry in the case. PERIOD.

Home accessories mix it up with the paper goodies,
making this the perfect place to buy a gift for anyone.

Stay tuned for a future interview with her.
Maybe I can even talk her into a guest post.

Specially commissioned poster for GREER, by Hammerpress.

GREER’s motto is from a speech by John F. Kennedy,
and is reflected in the customer service, personalized design,
and gracious welcome you’ll receive if you’re lucky enough to drop in.
If you can’t get there, the store’s website is full of great shopping and reading.

So, what did I bring you?
How could I NOT get the paint-by-number horse notes?

These are Civilettes, Chandra’s own creation.
(A lot nicer than some of the cards I’ve been passing out.)
Thanks for coming along!
See anything you like?

9 thoughts on “A Visit to GREER Chicago

  1. Beautiful Photography! Having visited Greer for the first time, I was immediately in love. You did an incredible job capturing the spirit and sophistication of my favorite paper purveyors. Chandra's love of her boutique shines through in her exquisite attention to detail. Thank you for sharing this with the world.


  2. Thank you all for the generous comments. I hoped I could capture Ms. G's prolific attention to detail; I'm glad you could see it! It's dangerous for me to look back at the photos, that little shopaholic who lives on my shoulder keeps whispering to me about what I left behind.


  3. Kathy, she may have someone standing by just in case — an awful lot of swooning goes on in there.

    If not, for sure she'll have a card to mark the occasion of your collapse.

    Thanks for the comment!


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