God Saved the Queen

My friend Tracy emailed me this awesomeness.
I was going to put a caption under each photo,
(these write themselves, people)
but just letting you scroll down is much more effective.
Curious to know at which point you say, “OMG!”

Ok, can’t resist a few notes.
One of her purses seems to have survived from the Nixon administration to the Clinton era…maybe she’s not so different from us commoners after all.
Where’s LBJ?, I asked. Google tells me they never met; why not is the subject of some boring conjecture.
Re the Reagan photo. Either Ronnie thought he was at a Dean Martin roast, or he just couldn’t hide his true feelings about that dress.

8 thoughts on “God Saved the Queen

  1. The lighting is awesome in the Ford photo, looks like a movie. There are others of the two of them on Google, looks like they were getting hammered on wine. Wonder if he took her golfing?


  2. Great selections of pictures and yes- she is still using that purse!
    Am bestowing a wee award in your direction over at capers (no pressure if you are awarded out).
    x j


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