Paul Davis posters

One of my friends brought this poster back from NYC for me in 1977; a woman we knew was the stage manager for this show. For those of you keeping score at home, this was so long ago that someone named Meryl Streep was playing “a chambermaid” in this production.
I fell in love with this art, framed it, and have hung it in every place I’ve lived since then. It’s hanging on the side of my fireplace now in fact.

It’s the work of Paul Davis, a brilliant illustrator and graphic artist.
His influences are as varied as his gifts.

I love this image of the poster above as it looked in the subway:
For your viewing pleasure:

Here’s an intriguing profile of Paul Davis, “Master of Change” by Steven Heller.

4 thoughts on “Paul Davis posters

  1. Paul Davis is a master illustrator,designer and artist.Theater posters, book covers, all genres and arenas that his work has graced have been forever enhanced by the strength of his dramatic vision and splendid execution.
    Thank you for this post Kitty Sheehan.
    Joel Iskowitz


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