Dollhouses at the Iowa State Fair

The dollhouse display at the Iowa State Fair is one of my must-sees each year.
And each year, the incredible details mesmerize me.
Kids have the best view, tall people have to bend down to see in.
I decided to let my camera do the peeking.
It could see much better than I could!

The plants and the brick steps are perfect.
Porches are great on dollhouses.
Dolls really know how to live.

Hot tub, check.
Bird bath, check.
I’d seriously live here.
Wait till you see inside.
Drenched with light!
Telescope for star gazing.
Stone fireplace, spiral staircase up to an office.
Check out the baseboards.
Even a heat register.
Good taste in art too!
Child’s playroom in the house next door.
The curtain blowing in the breeze is awesome.
Absolutely stunning barn.
Made from old barn wood, mind boggling details.
This pic could totally pass for a real barn.
Comfy little upstairs room in another neighbor’s house.
Had to go back and visit my fave again.
Towels waiting for post-hot tub.
Hose even has a nozzle.
Leaves and meter on side of house, crazy stuff.
The office or loft in my fave.
See, it’s even got a blogging spot.
And my coffee’s ready.
Another gorgeous front porch.
Love the transom over the door.
Pretty posh trailer.
The more I look at this, the more amazing it is.
Note the worn paint on the door, the tile, the hat on the top of the desk,
the vase by the door, the light fixture, the pictures on the floor,
leaning against the wall.
Very very keen observers, these Iowans are.

3 thoughts on “Dollhouses at the Iowa State Fair

  1. Damn you. I was all set to skip the MN state fair this year. Now I'm thinking I'll have to go and see how we compare to our southern rivals.


  2. tlarso: the MN fair is great!!
    Better politicians to talk to also.
    I got Jesse Ventura's autograph on a big dollar bill the year he was running for gov.
    Take pics.


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