Dollars to Donuts that Our State Fair is the Best State Fair

One of the first questions my husband asked me when we met:
“How do you feel about the state fair?”
I responded that I felt this was a trick question.
What if I love it and he despises it?
I mean, it’s either one or the other.
You can’t just phone it in when it comes to the fair.
Turns out we both are fans.
Saturday was this year’s chosen day–and what perfect weather.
Here we go.
In Iowa, after age 11, one is an adult.

Margaritas: not just for breakfast any more.
Take that, Ace of Cakes.
Everyone in the cow family seems to be on their own wavelength somehow.
Visor wearing ice cream cone robot.
Not something you can see just anywhere.
The state foods of Iowa.
I never even thought of bouncing off the sky glider till I read this.
Then I could think of nothing but.
It was worth the queasiness just to see how much these food stands
look like Christmas village houses from the air.
Money well spent.
This is what it’s all about.
See the dahlia post below too-they blew my mind.

The Cultural Center is seriously fantastic.
See the dollhouses in the post below.

It’s truly reassuring to wander the fair each year.
People out enjoying all the sights and sounds, eats and treats.
Mostly smiling and being friendly.
Many people wear their t-shirts pledging their allegiance
to their favorite Iowa school.
I was thinking how some people on the coasts
don’t even know where Iowa is.
They think it’s Idaho, or Ohio.
Nope. It’s the place where gay marriage is ok.
As long as you serve funnel cake at your reception.
Back to the fair.
After you get your strawberry ice cream at the dairy building,
walk down the hill, sit on a bench and watch this.

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