Julia and Paul

Almost everything about this movie enchanted me. But one thing I couldn’t take my eyes off of was Paul’s beautiful turquoise ring. Turns out Stanley Tucci was wearing Paul’s actual ring. (One writer who interviewed Paul before he died said he was wearing three turquoise rings the day she met him.)
It looks so fresh on him, and fits his passionate personality to a T.

Maybe I’m partial to this because I’m addicted to turquoise rings myself. Here are a few of my own. Lately, in honor of Paul, and in lieu of shaving my head, I’ve been wearing the oval one the most.

Back to Julia and Paul.
After seeing the movie, I searched for some actual photos of Julia and Paul.
Love these. They appear in her book on her life in France.

Here’s a nicely written review of My Life in France.

Bonus treat: I used to love her appearances on Letterman back in the day.
She knew how to make Dave laugh.
Blog appetit! Sorry.

4 thoughts on “Julia and Paul

  1. she is one of my culinary role modles i grew up wathing the wonderful woman. i am soon hoping to start a resturant with my father. expet it will be italian were thinking about calling it the italiano bistro and all deaf people will be welcome. they wont have to worry about pen and paper communication… well happy cooking and never let your dreams run dry.


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