Sisters’ Garden and Bloom

a friend, whose style i like, told me i should visit
sisters’ garden and bloom, side-by-side shops
in nearby kalona.
so that’s where we went on our road trip

wow. i fell in love. repeatedly.
unlike anthro, sisters allows photos.

click on them for a better view.
here’s the porch:

i looked around for a minute,
and knew immediately i was in a place
like no other in our area.
the creativity of barb, the owner,
is absolutely endless.

one of the sights that greets you inside the door.

umbrellas co-exist with architectural salvage.

one example of barb’s wonderful sense of
restraint, as she layers texture, shapes and color.

these gorgeous, vintage-inspired wrapping papers
are used here as ceiling decor.

who knew a brass chandelier could look so chic and modern?

one of my favorite corners of the store,
with circles repeated in the clocks, paper balls, candles–
the gorgeous berry color just makes you smile.

surprises like this await you at every turn.
a gorgeous monet-like painting on a stair landing.

roy called this the “obama chandelier”–
thought it was reflective of the economy.

be sure to click on pic and look at it up close.

this incredible mosaic follows you up the stairs.

vintage mirrors hang along the stairs too.

i really, really want this display case.

the yard is a store unto itself, with doors, windows,
urns, metal furniture, yard ornaments, all laid
out with barb’s wit and artistry.

close-up of some salvaged treasures.

adorable matching bird paintings–brilliant red
amidst white textures.

another fascinating wall treatment: buttons and bits,
underscored by a handwritten french composition.

the selection of chandeliers runs the gamut
from old to new to invented.

vintage lab bottles line a shelf.
the masking tape trail left on the sign
is yet another character-adding touch.

totally 100% in love with these.
they’re haunting me.

a cheery, seasonal and soothing tabletop arrangement.

a multi-layered view to the porch
from the other side of the arrangement above.

this incredible tree was ripped apart last summer
by a tornado. barb told us before that happened,
it looked like a giant gargoyle.

the stores occupy two delightful cottages,
one of which was the home
of two sisters for many years.
barb honored their story
by naming the shop for them.

the day we visited, the store was full
of shoppers, many of them repeat customers.

in any direction, your eye lands on a treasure
or a surprise, layer after layer.
it’s urban country style.

it’s better than anthropolgie, since it’s one of a kind,
not made in china, and the prices are great.
(sorry anthro…i love you but i don’t always like you)
and sisters has been around since 1994.

both houses have upstairs spaces.
you’ll find a gift for anyone here.
it’s a must for that hard-to-shop-for friend.
find children’s books, toys, soaps,
jewelry, perfume, candles,
flora, antiques, cards, cupboards,
vintage farm furniture, signs,
and…as it says on the business card:

of course i won’t let you go without
showing you what i brought home.
not shown: the divine lilac soap.
if only macdear had a scratch-n-sniff app.

visit barb’s beautiful blog for more info
and tons of her own photos.

i’ll be going back, don’t you worry.
there’s an item i kind of think i sort of must have,
that i didn’t take a picture of,
but hopefully will when it’s in my house.
obsessed now.

ps the patchouli deodorant works.

2 thoughts on “Sisters’ Garden and Bloom

  1. Really, because I’m just regaining my odor detecting powers and have discovered, quite unfortunately, that the patchouli deodorant’s not so deodorizing for me…yikes!


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