Rollercoaster Records, Kilkenny, Ireland

I found where all the good records are. Willie Meighan​’s Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny, Ireland. If Willie doesn’t have it, you probably shouldn’t want it.

Willie won’t miss a beat in your conversation while waiting on three other people, answering the phone, sipping a coffee, and looking things up on his computer.

His selection of music, books and movies will boggle your mind. It’s like he gathered up all the vinyl you wish you’d saved, and then stocked the cds you should have progressed to by now. It’s the record store you’ve always dreamed of.

When you go, ask him to tell you about Bruce Springsteen in Kilkenny. And ask him where you should go in Kilkenny for the best live music.

Here’s Willie now.

IMG_8480 IMG_8481 IMG_8482 IMG_8483 IMG_8484 IMG_8485 IMG_8486 IMG_8487 IMG_8488 IMG_8489 IMG_8490 IMG_8491 IMG_8492 IMG_8493 IMG_8496 IMG_8497 IMG_8498 IMG_8500 IMG_8501 IMG_8503 IMG_8507

Happiest little record store in the world.

Rollercoaster Records
Kieran St
Kilkenny, Ireland
Phone (056) 776 3669

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