Rejected Titles for Go Set a Watchman


  1. Go Sell a Roughdraft
  1. Scout-Tacy and Tib
  1. Burn This
  1. Peyton Place
  1. Call Me Atticus
  1. In Cold Mockingbird Blood
  1. I Can’t Find the Key to My Safety Deposit Box
  1. Ignore All Those Red Marks
  1. How to Reform a Racist in Six Easy Rewrites
  1. Think This Thing Has Legs?

Update: The talented Nan Tepper surprised me this morning with these! Double the fun. Thank you, Nan!

burn-this call-me-atticus go-sell-a-roughdraft how-to-reform-a-racist ignore-all-those-red-marks in-cold-mockingbird-bloos think-this-thing-has-legs

10 thoughts on “Rejected Titles for Go Set a Watchman

  1. I like #4. As I read GSAW, I couldn’t help thinking, “Where have I read this before?” Then it hit me…PEYTON PLACE. It seems Ms. Lee spun her tale from Grace Metalious’ book, and turned the scandal from sex to racism. Did Harper Lee move to NYC to become a writer? Did she just try to write a book because her friend, Truman Capote, had become a successful writer? What role did Capote play in GSAW being read and considered for a rewrite by a publisher? These are questions I want answers to, but probably will never get.


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