GREER Chicago

The first time I visited GREER Chicago was magical. It’s one of my favorite stores anywhere, owned by one of my favorite people anywhere. I was lucky enough to go back last weekend.

GREER is on a busy corner on North Wells Street in Old Town, one of the most vibrant and interesting parts of Chicago. If you’re there, you must go.

IMG 3098
GREER is owned by Chandra Greer, who’s made it her personal quest to take civility seriously. Stationery is her avenue, and her store offers buyers endless ways to communicate with paper. She provides the tools: paper, cards, pens, stamps, envelopes, posters, books and calendars are just the beginning.

On this visit, I took special note of Chandra’s great attention to detail throughout her beautiful store.

IMG 3100IMG 3102Beauty is everywhere, via words and objects.

IMG 3104A stack of Civilettes, Chandra’s personal creation — a missive that can be tucked into gifts and cards, and reused. The small cards say thank you, good job, I’m sorry or I love you. More on the Civilettes and Chandra’s story.

IMG 3107Floral designs, some made from fabric, cozily tucked onto a shelf.

IMG 3111IMG 3112IMG 3117IMG 3118IMG 3120Here’s what I mean about the attention to detail. The thoughtful vignettes get the ideas going in your own mind as you browse.

IMG 3121IMG 3123The use of vintage pieces and antiques lovingly enhance the wares on display.

IMG 3126IMG 3131Is it a card you need? You’ll find the perfect one here. You’ll find several perfect ones here. Chandra’s known for her support of indie designers, and you’ll see things here you won’t find elsewhere.

IMG 3135IMG 3136IMG 3138IMG 3139IMG 3144A classic, one of my personal favorites.

IMG 3149A peek inside an antique display case at the beautiful writing instruments.

IMG 3154IMG 3155IMG 3159A selection of beautifully wrapped gift soaps is tempting as a treat for yourself.

IMG 3161IMG 3163I mean, who does this? Flawless and witty attention to detail.

IMG 3164Ready for Halloween. GREER is a must-do destination for celebrating any occasion or event.

IMG 3165IMG 3166IMG 3169IMG 3170  Version 2The ever-changing window displays delight the lucky neighbors who pass by regularly.

IMG 3171IMG 3173IMG 3175IMG 3176Pencils!

IMG 3183The selection of ribbon for packages or projects is another reflection of Chandra’s excellent eye for beauty.

IMG 3193IMG 3194Humor and inspiration abound on the recycled rubber bulletin board via handwritten quotes.

IMG 3198Mariesa and Wendy, two of the adorable and awesomely helpful GREER girls. They both made my visit so fun as we chatted about jewelry, journals, big life changes and what not.

If you can’t make it to the store, the website is equally stunning. A custom poster design by Hammerpress with the store’s motto will greet you there. Delicious copywriting too! 

Thanks again for making my visit so special, Ms. Greer!

14 thoughts on “GREER Chicago

  1. I absolutely ADORE this post! I have not been lucky enough to visit Greer, but am very lucky that she supports indie designers like myself. I love being able to see the inside of such a fabulous store. Chandra's warm personality is clearly evidenced by her attention to detail as seen in your photos. Thanks for bringing Greer to those of us who can't quite make it there!


  2. I was blown away by your previous post about GREER but this one literally has me reading and thinking “Where the hell is this place because it's FABULOUS?” Thank you for chronicling our little world in such an intelligently described and exquisitely photographed way. This is as much a testament to YOUR talent as it is to anything we do.


  3. I love this post! I visited GREER lovely store a while back, and was so excited at the time to discover it had opened, in my old neighborhood of Old Town. Your photo's let me reminisce of the store's charm and unique merchandising.
    My heart skip a beat when, the photo labeled pencils showed my old home (the red brick one). I can't wait to share this post with some friends that will love this post and discovering GREER with all the celebrations upon us. I'm twitter friendly with Chandra and hope to meet her in person some day. Even more serendipity, is my last name was the same as yours.


  4. Thank you so much for the gracious comments, Canace, Paper Toss and Noir Blanc!
    I really appreciate it.
    Canace, we'll see if we can arrange this!
    Paper Toss, thanks so much for the share on Facebook.
    Noir, small world! See you on Twitter!


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