Hudson Valley Seed Library

How to sell something to someone who may not use it, but will buy it anyway:
Package it like this.

While browsing at High Falls Mercantile early in the summer, I found these seed packets from Hudson Valley Seed Library, and I was smitten.

Never mind that I live in a rented condo right now, just look at them!

Each one is by a different artist — it’s a great project.
The artists are chosen from over 70 submissions. They’re from the Hudson Valley and New York City. As the website explains, artists range from “up-and-coming to world renowned. The diversity of the artwork reflects the many stories behind each variety and the genetic wonder that makes each plant unique.”

More information, including ways to order, can be found here.
I also love how the art ends up on the back when they’re folded,
and each one is closed with a sticker.

Clicking on the links below each piece to learn about the artist is like a mini tour through an art gallery! Enjoy.

Art by Ayumi Horie.
(I’m a huge fan of Ayumi’s pottery, which also can be found at High Falls Mercantile.)

Art by Lisa Perrin.

Art by Sarah Snow.

Paper silhouette by Diana Bryan.

Art by Barbara Bash.

Illustration by Arik Roper.

Painting and collage by Jacinta Bunnell.

Watercolor by Robert Morris.

Art by Christy Rupp.

Oil painting by Joan Lesikin.

Art by Sheryl Humphrey.

Photo/illustration by Michael Asbill.

Art by Allyson Levy.

AND! Recycle them for wrapping small gifts! Or tuck a small gift in with the seeds.

As it turns out, it’s a great day to look at seeds and think about planting in the spring.
Spring? It wasn’t that long ago. You remember.

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