Sisters’ Garden and Bloom

What’s not to love about a shop in a setting like this?

As you pull up to Sisters’ Garden and Bloom in Kalona, IA, the little clothes on the line greet you. Hi little clothes.
I told you about a spring visit to Sisters earlier.
But it’s truly one of those places that’s never the same twice, so you have to go back, often.

Each time I go, I discover a new treasure and marvel at the creativity
of Barb, the owner. It was her fall open house weekend, and it was great to see how beautiful everything looked. The yard was filled with teeming displays of pottery, pumpkins and outdoor art.

My soulmate.

He seemed to be waiting patiently for me to bring him home with me for Thanksgiving.
He looks like he knows I’ll be burning the gravy.

The gorgeous setting, literally next to a cornfield, makes everything look better.

I’m so glad Barb’s been collecting the white pottery so I don’t have to.
I recovered from that addiction recently.

However, I did cross-addict to this color.

The pink and white tempted me too.
Pottery arranged by color is my favorite — shopping the outside displays was like being at a beautiful flea market.

The bride and groom clones were a clever way to show off this fantastic Mad-Menesque dining room set.
When I spotted this, I held my breath until I found the price tag.
“SOLD”…of course. OK, big savings for me there.

Inside one of the two shops/houses is a city-worthy collection of vintage fashion.
The displays and price tags themselves are works of art.

Locally handmade soaps.

A trip upstairs unveils more funky surprises at every turn.

Doesn’t that view look like a painting?
It’s real, it’s Iowa, folks.


Barb’s appreciation of vintage graphics is apparent.

Mad Men alert #2! This blue fabric was gorgeous. And sold.
Again, I saved $$!

Stacks of old prescriptions! Wonder if any of these are MJ’s?
These would be great in collages etc.

The back porch is a place you feel like lingering.

Finding this book, one of my favorites, was one of those moments
at Sisters that I love. It’s just fun to know someone besides you loves something so random,
and found the perfect display spot for it.

Sipping hot cider and enjoying a piece of homemade pie made it easier to
wander around the yard, as if that incentive was needed.

One more trip inside, upstairs in house #2.

Yet another example of Barb’s gift for displaying her finds.

Bye for now, Sisters, I’ll certainly be back.
If you can’t go in person, visit Barb’s shop here.
Some of the enchanting music that plays at the shop will greet you at the website too.
ps You might see something you need to get yourself for Christmas.
I’m doing that now to get myself in the mood for buying for others.

5 thoughts on “Sisters’ Garden and Bloom

  1. Oh, so many great photos! Very fun store, feel like I was wandering through with you via the pictures, drawn to many of the same things I think, the purse, the sofa with drying flowers book and great coloured bowls! Love the second to bottom picture in particular, and the sister of the bird photo and especially that no place like home shot. Looks like a place I would love to wander through. Thank you for sharing your visit!
    Am certain now I will be stopping back often to your blog! It's great!


  2. Thanks for the comments!
    Bubb report, I just posted a comment on the design hatch post about the Draper living room!
    Had no idea you had a connection.
    Synchronicity. Cool!


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