Web features, photo work, copywriting projects and clients include:

Concept, design, photo editing for The Mischke Roadshow website

All design, photos and copy for Dartbrook Writers Retreat website

All website copy for Woodstock Bookfest  

Copy, broadcast journalist and radio host Bonnie Berman website 

Web copy for Simply Organic Foods

Web copy for Frontier Natural Products Co-op 

Peekamoose Restaurant, Big Indian, NY

Dartbrook Rustic Goods, Keene, NY


“I was in the throes of the final edit of my first book, Breaking the Ruhls. Despite being told it was ready to go, I had some reservations. I hired Kitty to give it a read and make suggestions. What I received in return was a polished manuscript with improved flow and clarity. Working with Kitty is an absolute pleasure, not to mention an education in the finer points of writing.”
Larry Ruhl, authorBreaking the Ruhls