Sorry Not Sorry, New York Times

Thank you for contacting The New York Times. We appreciate your business and are always happy to help.
info: You are now chatting with ‘Ashley T’
Ashley T:

Good afternoon Kitty. Thank you for contacting The New York Times. My name is Ashley. How are you doing today?

Kitty Sheehan: great. please cancel my subscription.
Kitty Sheehan: no discussion. thank you
Ashley T:
I will be happy to assist with making the changes for you today. May I ask the reason you are requesting this change to your service today?

Kitty Sheehan: I am disgusted with the paper’s irresponsible election coverage, which helped our country elect a racist rapist as president.
Kitty Sheehan: Your paper should have called him out on day 1. But instead you normalized him, for readership.
Kitty Sheehan: I am no longer interested in reading the Times.
Kitty Sheehan: I’m not here to be persuaded otherwise.
Kitty Sheehan: let’s cancel, ok?
Ashley T:
I do appreciate your feedback. However, independent and fair journalism is more important now then ever.

Kitty Sheehan: omg. CANCEL
Ashley T:
Deeply reported independent journalism is as critical as it’s ever been. We will continue to champion free press and focus on bringing you the real story.

Kitty Sheehan: I can go to my paypal and cancel my payment
Kitty Sheehan: if you aren’t going to help me
Ashley T:
I do want to remind you that we report on all the topics that matter from global news to fashion to culture to what to read, eat and watch. I will hate for that be of reason to limit yourself on keeping informed with our award winning national and international coverage including the sections you do enjoy on a regular basis?

Kitty Sheehan: cancel
Kitty Sheehan: i’m a journalist. please stop mansplaining journalism to me, Ashley
Kitty Sheehan: my impression of the paper is not improving with this transaction
Ashley T: Well Kitty, before we go, I will like to offer to upgrade your service to the basic digital allowing access to all devices and provide you with 30% off for 52 weeks. That will bring it all the way down to $10.50 every 4 weeks. Will you reconsider your decision today?
Kitty Sheehan: NO
Kitty Sheehan: stop, please
Kitty Sheehan: i realize you are doing your job.
Kitty Sheehan: the content of the paper is not your fault.
Kitty Sheehan: please cancel me, that is your job as well
Ashley T:
Not a problem, one moment while I process your request. While I am taking care of this today, for feedback, are there any changes you feel The NYT needs to make?

Kitty Sheehan: don’t get me started
Kitty Sheehan: i don’t have that kind of time
Ashley T:
That’s fine. Is there anything else we can assist you with today?

Kitty Sheehan: just let me know when it’s cancelled.
Kitty Sheehan: and how much of a refund I will get
Ashley T:
I have completed your request. You’re able to have a copy of this transcript emailed to you at the end of this chat. Thanks for being a value customer of The New York Times, have a great day!

Kitty Sheehan: thank you.
info: Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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