Here We Are






But not listening.

It turns out the basket of deplorables is much deeper than we imagined.

It turns out Facebook was the basket of deplorables all along.

I laughed derisively at those who said Twitter was “about what you had for breakfast.”

“They don’t get it,” I thought.

I didn’t get it.

I happen to make part of my living in social media.

So I feed the beast and the beast feeds me.

I have some stuff to work out.

Andy Borowitz, on stage Friday night in Poughkeepsie, explained the election situation fairly simply.

He made a Breaking Bad analogy. I don’t think you need to have watched the show to understand.

In the show Breaking Bad, the main character, Walter White, finds out he has cancer. He must pay for treatment. He has no money. He discovers if he produces and sells crystal meth, he and his family can stay afloat.

Andy said, look at the media as Walter White. Their cancer: they were broke.

Their crystal meth: Donald Trump.

The networks gave him over 3 billion dollars in free air time.

And they got richer.

Andy reminded us of what Les Moonves said, “Donald Trump may not be good for America, but he’s good for CBS.”

I cancelled my cable on Friday morning.

And I cancelled the New York Times.

These are two things that will help me.

I hope you can find things that might help you.

Last night, I watched a clip of Dave Chappelle’s monologue on Saturday Night Live, and wondered if Lorne Michaels understands now, what he helped do. By having Trump on his show, so many times, for ratings dollars, he fed him to the viewing public as a plate of normal. He’s anything but.

Facebook feels like a screaming abyss of panic to me right now. Twitter is worse, because on Twitter, there’s no governor on the hatred.

Since 2008, when I joined Facebook, I’ve indulged in the selfie mentality of thinking what I was doing with my life should mean something to other people, instead of making damn sure it means something to me.

That’s 8 years! That’s a whole third grader.


Narcissism is how we got here, fellow deplorables.

And addiction to social media, all media, feeds the narcissism.

Addiction I can do something about.

I’ll share what Andy said on Friday, at the end of his show.

It’s the same idea I hung on to, as I sat in the dark silence of Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Change starts within. It’s all we can control.

To quote Andy again, “As Gandhi said – or maybe it was Melania Trump – I can’t remember – be the change you want to see.”

Thank you Andy, you’re one of our national treasures.

I need to put the phone down, and speak to people face to face.

For now, hello is enough.

And I’ll write.

8 thoughts on “Here We Are

  1. As far as SNL goes, I highly recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast episode titles “The Satire Paradox”. Pretty eye opening for me on how complicit SNL can be with their political sketches.


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