Dispatch from the bubble


God, I love you people — my tribe.
The messages, the calls, the hugs.
Yesterday, as my Zyban-like therapy for quitting social media (Zyban is the smoking cessation cure you get to take for 2 weeks while you’re quitting) – I spent time not unfriending, but blocking 37 people on Facebook.
Then, guess what?
I suddenly have entirely different things to say, on Facebook.
And outside of Facebook.
For now: here’s this.
More people voted for her.
Half of America didn’t vote.
Some people who voted for him are not hate-filled; they just needed a new system and this was the only avenue they saw.
(I’m still working on that one, but humor me.)
Things are broken. We broke them. WE, all of us.
We must fix them.
The Obamas are why we can’t have nice things.
This thing has been coming for a long, long time.
Since before many of the people who voted for him were born.
We must stop and think what and who it is we’re fighting, and then go fight it, with kindness.
Hint: it ain’t him.
Stay tuned.
ps: Did I mention how proud I am of my kids?

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