Never Trump: Day 16


Conversation overheard in Mexican restaurant in Iowa:

“Ok, we gotta keep THESE PEOPLE here when they build the wall. I need my margaritas.” (Big laugh.)

In Iowa, Trump is verrrrrry close in the polls to Hillary.

This amazes me. And saddens me.

Here’s what I’m over.

People in Iowa ranting that we must “take back our country.”

As they live in serially-remodeled expensive homes.

As they buy new cars that cost as much as a house that would work comfortably for most people.

As the unemployment rate in their state remains low. 

As they buy new boats and lake homes.

As they travel wherever they want, because they have the kind of discretionary income that could build a school in a starving nation.

As they buy new clothes just because it’s Tuesday, and they want something new to wear on Wednesday, when they go to the party at a friend’s house who’s selling stuff no one needs, stuff most likely made in China.

As they whine about welfare, but have no idea who’s actually ON welfare in their own community, or why. And quantify who deserves their “help” when they deign to dole it out.

As they rant about people who should be drug tested at jobs…but…oh, let’s just not go there.

As they yell, “Kill the bitch!” and “Lock her up!” then tsk tsk about disrespectful kids these days.

As they scream about Hillary’s lies, while their man Babyhands pulls stunts like this.

So, Iowans, I’m asking:

Take back our country, from what, exactly?

From the black president you hate because he’s black?

You have it all. What do you possibly need to take back, that you don’t already have?

I see you. I’m so over you.

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