Never Trump: Day 14

Today’s post is from Mary Shannon Little, a criminal lawyer and private investigator. Mary wrote the essay below after watching an interview between Chris Cuomo and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

And It comes on the heels of Rudy Giuliani’s comments today, during his travels with Trump. He claims terrorists failed to successfully strike the United States in the eight years before President Obama and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton took office. Um, what? 


Apologist-in-Chief by Mary Shannon Little

Rudy Giuliani is Trump’s latest apologist-in-chief. Arguably, the only smart thing Donald Trump has done since starting his latest reality TV show, also known as the Presidential election 2016. Mainly, because Giuliani speaks in sentences and isn’t ostensibly nuts. Although Giuliani more than adequately completed the Trump as Hitler metaphor by doing his best Mussolini impersonation during the Republican Convention.

Lately Giuliani has been scrambling from network to network waving bright, shiny hyperboles in an effort to distract the country from Trump’s horrifying suggestion that militiamen assassinate Clinton. Giuliani says that what Trump says doesn’t matter because Hillary Clinton is a criminal and the Clinton Global Initiative is racketeering enterprise. “I could indict her in three weeks,” he boasted to Chris Matthews. And then in his most lawyer-like voice named 18 U.S.C. Section 701 as the statute under which he would do it. That statute makes it a crime to misuse a federal insignia. It’s been a while since former US Attorney Giuliani read the United States Code. And judging from his escalating Trump-love, the US Constitution, too.

Giuliani doubled down in an interview with Chris Cuomo on August 11th when he criticized FBI Director Jim Comey’s conclusions about Hillary Clinton’s emails. “[Comey] worked for me,” Giuliani said. “And he was wrong.” And then stringing together a series of events that seemed to begin with the Lindbergh kidnapping and ended with Attorney General Loretta Lynch engaging in Martha Mitchell-esque telephone calls the night before Comey’s press conference, said there was no plausible explanation for Comey’s wrong-headed decision, except corruption in the White House and those racketeering Clintons. “I worked in the White House,” Giuliani explained as the basis for his assertion that Comey had been improperly influenced. America’s Mayor has held many distinguished posts, but he never worked in the White House. He was number three at the Justice Department during the Reagan administration. But perhaps like his friend Trump, Giuliani tells the truth when he doesn’t mean to. Because by saying he worked in the White House when he did not, he was suggesting that President Reagan’s Department of Justice answered to the West Wing. He obviously assumes all Attorneys General and FBI Directors, in the Nixonian tradition, report to the West Wing and that prosecutorial decisions should be based on political expediency. That’s the only plausible explanation for why he accuses Republican Jim Comey of playing Democratic politics.

I worked for Rudy Giuliani as a federal prosecutor in New York City from 1985 through 1988. I spent three of those years in the Public Corruption Unit. I began my tenure with the investigation of the NYC Parking Violations Bureau, which culminated in Giuliani himself trying Bronx Democratic Party boss Stanley Friedman. I then oversaw a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional investigation of Wedtech, a federal government defense contractor that paid bribes to over fifty federal, state, and local officials, including New York Congressmen Mario Biaggi and Robert Garcia. As part of the Wedtech investigation, I conducted the preliminary investigation of Attorney General Ed Meese. After an independent counsel was appointed to continue the investigation, Meese was forced to resign.

I admired Rudy Giuliani then. He said it was my job to throw the full weight of the federal law at every bad pol I found. Politics was to play no role. Even when my target was Rudy’s boss and one of President Reagan’s oldest friends. (Although, Rudy the Republican didn’t mind watching Koch the Democrat swing while we tore his administration apart borough by borough, agency by agency.) But Rudy was young, barely 42 years old. He didn’t need votes or campaign donations to put people in jail. Only hard-working lawyers, decent federal judges, and twelve men and women in a jury box.

Maybe he was an idealist back then. He told me my most important job was to tell the truth. When I stood up in a courtroom, he said I was speaking not just for the victims of crimes, but for the United States of America and its Constitution, too. My job was to defend that Constitution, and to maintain its and my integrity while doing so. I’m sure Giuliani told Director Comey, former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, former Chicago US Attorney Pat Fitzgerald, former New York US Attorney David Kelley, former Homeland Security Advisor Fran Fragos Townsend, former Iran-Contra prosecutor Michael Bromwich, current Counsel to the President Neil Eggleston, and the countless other superstars with whom I worked, the same thing. Only, we believed it. If Rudy believed what he said then, he certainly doesn’t now.

Donald Trump is the kind of guy I used to put in jail. I don’t need Mayor Bloomberg or a letter from 50 GOP officials to explain how dangerous he is. I only need to listen to him on any day in any city. He never disappoints. And now, I have to listen to Rudy Giuliani lie, obfuscate and attempt to con me too.

I am embarrassed to have served under Rudy Giuliani. When he finishes apologizing for Trump, he owes me an apology, too.

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