Never Trump: Day 12



© 2016, Jim Mendrinos

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From the home office in beautiful downtown Patterson, NJ comes…


10) Do you really want to spend the next 4 years explaining to your children why he pronounces “Huge” with a “Y” in it?

9) How will we ever ban Red Dye #2 from food if he insists on putting Orange Dye in his hair.

8) I’m fairly certain he doesn’t understand that he can’t fire a Supreme Court Justice.

7) Do we want a generation of children who can Google the First Lady’s nipples?

6) I like vagina too much to vote for someone who is that afraid of it.

5) He’ll never be able to swear and uphold the Constitution until he’s actually read it.

4) Between his affection for Putin and his Eastern European wife I’m still not sure he isn’t the Manchurian Candidate.

3) If he builds the wall to Mexico I’ll never be able to get takeout food in NYC again.

2) I’m still waiting for him to release the proof that Obama wasn’t born in America, and I think he should finish that before he starts his new job.

And the #1 reason you shouldn’t vote for Trump:

1) You need someone with bigger hands to push the red button!

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