Never Trump: Day 6


cartoon by Michael Tucker

Even McCarthy’s party eventually called an end to his hatred and life-ruining witch hunt. Who will be the first to do it now, to repudiate Donald Trump as the candidate of the Republicans? Paul Ryan? I would hope.

What about you? Are you one of those people saying, “I can’t stand either of them.” It seems time to take a stand against Trump’s hate. Going after the parents of an American soldier who gave his life? Putrid.

I’m calling on any of you who are as outraged as I am that this man has been allowed to have a national platform in America…speak up. Please write a post for my blog. It can be a sentence, a photo, a story, ANYTHING.

And you can send me more than one piece. You don’t have to say it all at once. But if you feel the need to make your voice heard, let’s do it. My friends James Grissom and Michael Tucker have been up first.

Let me know via the contact form, or on Twitter, if you’re interested.


Your comment is welcome.

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