Never Trump: Day 1


photo by Marjorie Salvaterra

Trump Anxiety is keeping me awake at night. Giving me Trumpsomnia.

The idea that a large number of Americans plan to vote for this man to be our next president is rattling my soul.

I may need help figuring out some coping skills.

Then I thought of this:

What if you finally got the nerve to go to a therapist to discuss your Trump Anxiety, or your Trumpsomnia, and unbeknownst to you, that therapist was a Trump supporter?

The plot thickens into a cement block now!

This would be a total Invasion of the Body Snatchers situation, for sure.

Wonder what said therapist would advise?

“Ignore all that media nonsense.”

“Nothing bad will happen, it’s America.”

“His wife has nice hair, focus on that.”

There should be a way we can clearly ID these people, to prevent this body snatching thing.

Something other than the hood, I mean.

And something besides the T-shirt I saw a guy wearing today that said, UNITED IN RED.

United in something, yes, but it ain’t a color.

So, I’m going to advocate they be required to wear some kind of mark, just something so we can TELL.

Who’s with me?

Today’s suggested reading is here. 

1 thought on “Never Trump: Day 1

  1. Fortunately, I’ve escaped the “Trumpsomnia” affliction. But the “rattled soul” thing, that I’ve caught. Hopefully this blog series will be the highly active antiretroviral therapy that saves me. I’m all in with you Kitty. Well done!


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