DIG, Saugerties, NY

If my husband had a blog, he might tell you this story.

But he doesn’t, so I will.
He’s always not-so-secretly looking for himself in a post anyway. 
He can be in this one.
He likes to go shopping with me. It’s one of the things that makes him a fun spouse, way above average fun, in fact. Lately, he LOVES to go shopping with me at a place called DIG Saugerties.
DIG is a boutique in Saugerties, NY owned and operated by the one and only Daisy Kramer Bolle and her husband Van Chagai Bolle.
Look how cute and in love they are. No really. Stop looking at that cake, and look at them.

photo courtesy of Daisy

You can read their bios here. Long story short: they met on a blind date at a Mexican wrestling bar in LA. Daisy had a glittering career as a celebrity stylist, Van was Director of Photography for Coachella, among a multitude of other projects. After the birth of their daughter, they decided to flee L.A. and cultivate the country life back in Daisy’s home territory, the Hudson Valley.
Which brings us to DIG. Daisy’s parents shared the wisdom they’d gleaned in the family business, and DIG was born in Saugerties in 2005.
I’d been hearing about it from my friend Martha Frankel for some time before I moved here. And I’d been in Robin’s (Daisy’s mom) divine stores in Woodstock. So I was anxious to meet Daisy and see her store.
I was leery of finding anything there that I’d wear. On the Facebook page and the website, I’d clicked through image after image, thinking, “not me, I’m too old” or “that would look horrible on me” “I have to hide my arms.” Etc etc etc. All the things women say to themselves when our bodies start to look differently than we feel they should.
Off I went.

The window enticed me with color, beauty and energy.

Daisy welcomed me on that first visit with a warm hug and a “I’ve been dying to meet you.” My day immediately was flooded with sunshine. I started looking around and still felt lost. Daisy checked me out, grabbed three things and said, “I want you to try these on.” I laughed and thought, “That’s what you think, wait’ll you see.”
Tricky girl, that Daisy. In any other store, a clerk or owner finding something for you to try on might be annoying. From Daisy, it’s an offer you can’t refuse. She offers a comfy couch where your accomplice can wait for you. When I looked back at my accomplice as I headed for the dressing room, he had that look on his face that he gets at the State Fair, when he’s settling in for some prime people watching.
Remember, I told you Daisy was tricky. There are no mirrors in the dressing rooms, so you have to come out to see how you look. GASP. I slipped into a gorgeous SLEEVELESS Karina dress, after putting on the proper undergarments that Daisy expertly handed me for just this very occasion. Before I opened the curtain to go out, I knew I FELT good. How could it possibly look good though? It was sleeveless, I had these extra pounds, I didn’t…
“WHOA” was the first reaction from the couch. I hadn’t looked in the mirror yet. It was a good WHOA though, so I felt brave. Suffice it to say, when I did look, I was transported to the end of every episode of What Not to Wear, and I nearly fainted.
I left that day with a bag of goodies and a BOATLOAD of self-confidence. Shopping at DIG is the best kind of experience. I’ve made friends with other women in front of the mirror. There’s this great camaraderie there when you’re all feeling so good about how you look, and Daisy’s boundless energy, expertise, and encouragement is all around you.
So. You must go. If you can. But if you can’t, I’ll show you around a little.

Here’s one of the best parts. Unlike a big box or a mall store, there are just a few of each thing. So you get to look through a rack and find surprise after surprise. If you want something Daisy’s out of, trust me, she can get it for you.

The horror of trying on jeans fades away with all these choices, a DIG specialty.

The store is a fantastic mix of funky, hip and comfy. Accessories at every price range, some from local artists.

Look at these rings! Imagine how great popping one of these on and heading out for dinner would be. Or giving one to your BFF for fun.

New arrivals for fall. No accident that these two things are next to each other. Think of that comfy top with some jeans, those cute boots above, and this stunning jacket. You’d shut it down, so to speak.

Every space in the store is used wisely. These tank tops are kept between the dressing rooms, and one is often included for you to try on with your other things. Daisy says you should wear one under everything, all the time. Guess what. She’s right.

These may or have been a purchase made here, in black, size 9. 

Gorgeous fall colors, again just a few of each selection.

The upper level has sale racks, with things you can wear right now. This would look so cool over your swimsuit, right? And picture it on a chilly fall day with a cute skirt and some leggings.

The sublime Karina dress, which looks this good on everyone. Not kidding.
Photo courtesy of Daisy
Little by little, I’m figuring out the obvious. The way women view their bodies after 50 can be just as toxic to their self esteem as having an eating disorder.
Daisy’s passion is to change that, to make it stop. She’s seen it all. She knows the media images of women that surround us aren’t real. I love her.

My husband’s happy that I’m kind of starting to believe what he’s been telling me for quite some time now. Pretty good, huh?

14 thoughts on “DIG, Saugerties, NY

  1. Yeah, I'm the old gal with the daughters who went to DIG at the end of June and have been wearing my DIG duds practically daily since then. My teenage daughters are TOTALLY PSYCHED (do they still say that?). Great post.


  2. cannot believe that you wrote this whole piece without telling the truth— that I was the one who told you to go to DIG. sheesh. but even though you did that, this is a great blog. i'm posting it today


  3. This is a magic store! I'm short, 70, and let us say “heavy” (really) and I've just discovered sexy again at DIG. This store is amazing. Brought there by a mother daughter team who said, “You must go to DIG,” I'm a changed woman.

    Daisy is amazing and the women who work with her are really good. Without spending a fortune I assembled a new wardrobe with great mixes and shapes and it is all packable! I didn't even ask for the latter.
    (And I hate trying on clothes, or did before DIG.) Go.


  4. Thank you so much Kitty!!! Your words sparkle of the page and even make me want to go shopping in this magical place called DIG!!! I'm so glad you are now part of my life!!! I love you and Cuddy so much! You guys bring the magic with you!!!


  5. So much fun to read! I’ve had similar experiences at DIG over the years and have a closet filled with Karinas. You and your bod look spectacular! I love the playful and sexy style that has emerged from a more serious cocoon ( strange analogy, I know).
    It’s that Daisy magic!


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