Vintage Office Supplies

My friend Fiona at Cafe Cartolina has done some great posts on her blog about vintage office furniture and objects. Here are a few of them.
Ok, back to me!
In a moment of procrastination in my office today (so, so rare) I started looking around at some of the vintage office things I’ve collected. They all have special meaning.

This fantastic gizmo is the adding machine my dad used every single night at our kitchen table when he was working — to total up his sales orders. He got an adding machine with a tape on it in the 80s, but he really didn’t like it. He stuck with this. It’s made by the Lightning Adding Machine Company from Los Angeles, circa 1950. The frame it sits in is Bakelite, and I’m lucky enough to still have the metal stylus that dials the numbers. I looked for these around the internet — they’re out there in all different shapes and sizes. Some people even have the original boxes. I’m kind of surprised I don’t, my mom saved stuff like that. But I LOVE this, and I’m so glad I have it.
Speaking of my mom, this is her nameplate from her desk, she was the county recorder for many years. It’s this cool felt background that the letters fit into, then the lucite goes on top. I feel like we should all have these in front of us, to re-arrange the letters at will. I think these letters are different fonts from different sets, but that would also describe my mom.
Here’s my baby! Isn’t it a beaut? Here’s the sad part. It works, but not on my phone service. The phone company disabled some function in their whatchamacallit, so it no longer recognizes the rotary dial. I will never NOT recognize the rotary dial. I vow to move back to a more primitive civilization one day so I can use this phone. It lights up in the dark too, just like your cell phone. Rumor has it there’s some device you can get to make it work. I keep meaning to check.

My dad’s mug. He was an All-American baseball player at ND, and his roommate won the Heisman. Everyone who knows me eventually learns this.
This is from the consignment store we owned for a few years.
These were my dad’s too, great for storing socks.

This was my mom’s, and she would NEVER let me use it when I was growing up. Now I can use it whenever I want. But I’d give anything if she still was around to hide it from me.
My husband’s dad’s typewriter. He passed away recently. Love having this to remember him by.
Do you have any favorite objects in your office that hold special meaning? I’d love to hear.

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