Another Visit to Lotus Fine Art & Design, Woodstock NY

You were introduced to the beautiful work of Jamie Barthel here.
Lots of you loved her work–now take a peek inside her gallery, which we visited once again.

The space combines paintings, the lampshades Jamie paints, jewelry, fiber art, furniture–and a new home design service Jamie and her sister Tracy operate.
Ask Jamie about her “stop talking” card. We always have the best time chatting–she loves to laugh.

A new tulip design–brilliant!

If the lampshade won’t fit in your bag, and you want a bit of Jamie’s work to take home, check out the window hangings. That’s how we first found the gallery. One of these was in the window of the corner deli, and a guy named Vick told us where to get one. It’s a small town.

Jamie’s work looks amazing on furniture too.

The gallery features a beautiful assortment of the stunning jewelry of Serena Van Rensselaer, a local artist.

These fuzzy creatures are a best seller–made by Jamie and Tracy’s multi-talented mother, artist S. Marie.

Adorable knitted caps and sweaters, you must see in person to appreciate the detail!

Multi-talented mom as in fiber artist, knitter, and painter of these wood pieces! I was exhausted just hearing about all she does.
My own mom’s single artistic contribution involved once flocking the Christmas tree after it was decorated. So you can imagine how even the idea of this sort of mother enchants me.

I left with one of the little votive holders. It’s the perfect spot to store the Serena earrings I had to have too. It’s possible to treat yourself very well here. (Tracy: Outstanding job at the husband distraction, thanks again.)
Visit the gallery here, and be a friend on facebook too, a great way to see the newest goodies.

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