Paper Trail, Rhinebeck NY

A must-do for me on our Hudson Valley trips is a stop at the Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, NY.
I’m a stationery and card addict, and this store is my favorite anywhere.
Owners Maureen Missner and Serine Hastings do an amazing job with selection and display of cards, books, paper, home goods, candles, toys, soap, jewelry (the jewelry is exquisite) and reams of other fun and beautiful things. The selection of cards alone will make you giddy.
Whenever we’re in town, I try to time my visit to coincide with a televised football game, so my hubby can go down the street and watch while I browse at will. Not saying it’s not a place men like, in fact, I always see men shopping there. I just don’t want him following me around, saying things like, “Why do we need soap shaped like an owl?”
One must focus in a place like this.

Maureen and Serine honed their skills at Crate and Barrel in Chicago back in the day, and have represented creative home goods designers for 20 years, via the Loom Company. These days, their baby is Paper Trail. John Derian is a special friend to them, and this is the first place I encountered his work a few years back.
Take a peek at their impeccable yet whimsical displays:

Happy Halloween! Whatever you need…

These incredible paper dresses created by artist Linda Filley have become the store’s signature pieces. One can usually be seen in the window, and on their delightful postcards sent to customers.

The front of the store serves as a mini-gallery for the paper works of Ramon Lascano.

Custom paper collages for occasions and gifts.

As you can imagine, journals of every shape and size are a specialty.

The store got a nice boost from a feature page in the August 09 issue of House Beautiful, which displayed these fun letter/numeral balls.

A customer recently dropped off this great selection of vintage hardcovers.

The jewelry, much of it handmade, is unique and beautiful. I’ve found gifts for myself and others here, I always save the stop at the jewelry case for last. The clerks are always well informed about all the artists and designs, they’re helpful and fun to talk to.

Maureen and Serine, your passion and creativity truly inspire-I’ll be back!

8 thoughts on “Paper Trail, Rhinebeck NY

  1. How have I never been in this store? That's changing on my next visit to Rhinebeck. The photos are so enticing, it makes me want to get on a train tomorrow!


  2. Your photos are stunning and capture the spirit of this magical store.

    I love visiting the store because the owners are retailers in the true sense–in a way that has been lost by many others. They put their hearts and souls and creativity and wonderful sense of selection to work. The result is joyful and enchanting.


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