Lotus Fine Art & Design, Woodstock NY

I’m feeling especially lucky this fall.
I have two amazing adventures lined up, and don’t worry, I’ll take you with me.
First up is our annual trip to upstate New York for the Woodstock Film Festival.
It’s a funky, colorful, idea-filled visit each year.
We love meeting the inspiring people who live there.
I’ve told you about some of them before, like Steve Heller.
Now meet Jamie Barthel, owner of Lotus Fine Art & Design.

Jamie and her daughters

We met Jamie one year during the film festival when she was hosting an opening of
Barry Feinstein‘s amazing work.
We wandered in and soon found ourselves chatting with Barry, his lovely wife, and Wavy Gravy. Such is the serendipity of Woodstock.
Up walked Jamie, and we clicked instantly.
She’s gifted, funny and full of life.
That spirit translates into her glass painting.
She paints the inside of large bowl-shaped pieces, with the option to use as a chandelier or a lampshade.
The gallery is beside a stream and takes full advantage of the setting.
She showcases not just her glass work and paintings,
but pottery, jewelry and paintings done by others.
She also has a home design business.
Feast your eyes on this fabulousness.

One option is to use the glass as a chandelier.
Or as the classic Tiffany-style lampshade.
After a while of using it one way, try the other!
Just a few of Jamie’s other designs:

Can’t wait to get there and see what has to come home with me this year.
Stay tuned!
ps The gallery is on facebook too, check it out.

4 thoughts on “Lotus Fine Art & Design, Woodstock NY

  1. She does truly amazing work. When you and Roy take me with you to Woodstock, I can't wait to ask her what kind of paint she uses to make it look so smooth. (I've tried painting on glass and am never happy with the results.)


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